Nominations seal the deal


John Brockway President of the Hay River Seniors' Society At annual general meeting March 26, 2015 Hay River Photo by Paul Bickford Northern News Services Ltd.

John Brockway
President of the Hay River Seniors’ Society
At annual general meeting
March 26, 2015
Hay River
Photo by Paul Bickford
Northern News Services Ltd.

The Hay River Seniors’ Society has an extremely inclusive way of choosing its board of directors.

Basically, if you’re nominated, you’re accepted.

That happened on March 26 at the society’s annual general meeting at the Whispering Willows Seniors Complex.

The 14 new directors are Bev Schofield, Irene Batt, Bruce Green, Marion Smith, Tom Makepeace, John Brockway, Marjorie Whiting, Sophie Korolchuk, Alvina Sibbeston, Tony Agostinho, Doris Caudron, Nancy Makepeace, Elsie Gresl and Margaret Ireland.

As the number of nominees started to rise, some members asked how many directors are permitted under the group’s constitution.

Brockway, the society’s president, said the constitution allowed 11 directors.

“That can be changed,” said Peter Osted, who wrote the constitution for the society.

However, Osted said such a change to a bylaw would have to be sent for approval to the Corporate Registry of the Department of Justice.

“They always approve but it has to be listed with them because it’s a change in the bylaw,” he said. “It’s easy enough to do.”

Brockway said the society can have 25 or 30 directors if it wanted.

A motion was passed that the board of directors will henceforth have 14 members. The membership was also informed that 14 directors will now be the standard for the society, unless it is changed again next year.

“Change is good,” quipped one society member.

The directors will meet April 7 to choose an executive for the society.

A number of other issues were discussed by the 26 society members at the AGM, including the need for more participation in the organization.

That includes volunteering to help out providing meals at the Seniors’ Society room at Whispering Willows.

“We’ve got four or five people who are doing all the work, and I think it’s unfair,” said Brockway. “We’ve got to have people to help out. If we don’t, we’re not going to be able to run this place.”

Another discussion centred on the rental income from the Seniors’ Society room.

“Our rentals this year are down. We’re averaging about one rental a month,” said Brockway, although he also said the rentals picked up to three or four in March.

The president was asked if some advertising might be needed to let people know the room is available for rent, but he said that fact is known in Hay River, and even in Fort Smith and Yellowknife.

The Hay River Seniors’ Society, which has 123 members, is for people 50 years of age and older.

–Paul Bickford