Wheeling to the wharf


Sarah Ladik/NNSL photo
Terri Murrell, left, and Mathilde Van Heereveld take off for the Wharf on Saturday morning at the French association office.

The Fisherman’s Wharf may be one of the top summer attractions in town, but getting there is half the fun for a group of French association members.
“I found that people coming to Hay River don’t have much of a space to get together,” said Klaudia Mika, current head of l’Association Franco-culturel de Hay River. “People are looking for a welcome and that’s the direction I see the association taking in the future. The door is open to us and we’re happy to go through it.”
A handful of members biked from the association downtown to the wharf on Saturday morning, partly to enjoy the warm weather and partly to stay active and pre-emptively burn off those fish-and-chip calories.
“It’s great, we want people to get together and make friends while being active,” Mika said. “Making people welcome, that’s really important, maybe more so in a small town like this.”
Participant Mathilde Van Heereveld said, being Dutch, biking everywhere is pretty normal for her.
“It’s super hot outside,” she said. “And besides, after you’ve biked there, you deserve your fish and chips.”
Kyle Camsell also rode from the association on Woodland Drive to the wharf, saying he bikes everywhere anyway.
“I thought, why not?” he said.
Beyond last weekend, Mika said she would like to form something of a cycling club for the duration of the summer. She said they might meet once or twice a week and gain motivation through being in a group.
“I was inspired by the ride from Yellowknife to Hay River,” she said. “It was a lot of fun, great people and a great atmosphere. I hope we can do something similar here in Hay River.”

–Sarah Ladik