Time to shape up


Emma Harper: the town's recreation programmer says the variety of fitness classes depends on the number of instructors available in the community.

Emma Harper: the town’s recreation programmer says the variety of fitness classes depends on the number of instructors available in the community.


It is one of those times of year when a new crop of fitness classes is offered by the Town of Hay River.


Five of those classes are starting or have already started this week.


“We do offer fitness classes on a seasonal basis, so we’ll do them in the fall, winter, spring and summer,” said Emma Harper, the recreation programmer with the Town of Hay River. “The type of classes we offer really depends on what qualified or certified instructors are in town. So really I just try to take advantage of whoever happens to be here and try to get them to come and teach.”


This fall, the classes include Bootcamp and Hatha Gentle Flow Yoga, both of which still had openings left as of late last week; Tradition Hatha Yoga, which had no space left and Total Aqua, a drop-in class.


Plus, there is a new class for Hay River called Yogilates – a combination of yoga postures and pilates practice.


“That one filled up extremely fast, and we’re looking at offering a second class now,” said Harper. “We have a lot of people on the waitlist and, if people want to call in and go on the waitlist, they’re more than welcome to because we’re hoping to open another class.”


The Yogilates class will be instructed by Jennifer Andrews.


“In a sentence, I would say it’s just a fusion of yoga with pilates,” said Andrews. “So Yogilates blends yoga postures with pilates core-strengthening exercises, basically to improve flexibility, strength and balance. It also helps with injury prevention…. Yoga and pilates are very similar. There’s quite a bit of overlap, but there are also a few differences.”


She said the practice of Yogilates was created in 1997.


Andrews, who is a physiotherapist, trained in both yoga and pilates.


“So now I’ve just merged the two because I like the combination of the two,” she said.


Andrews said 18 people have signed up for the first class, and there are 10 on a waitlist for a second class.


“It’s nice to see so many people in Hay River that are interested in coming out and trying something new, and getting fit,” she said.


Harper is pleased there is good interest in all the fitness classes.


She said that may be partly because the recreation department had been closed, but is now back up and running.


Plus, it is the fall, she added. “People come back from their summer holidays and they’re all excited to get back into the swing of things, and everything starts to get scheduled again with school and work.”


Two drop-in classes for seniors – one for walking and the other for strength and balance – begin next week.