Northern films take big screen

Marny Kruger: films on the Yellowknife International Film Festival Road Tour made in the North by Northern people.

Marny Kruger: films on the Yellowknife International Film Festival Road Tour made in the North by Northern people.

Hay River is one of the destinations for the Yellowknife International Film Festival Road Tour.

Western Arctic Moving Pictures is taking selected films from the festival to Hay River on March 12 and 13.

Marny Kruger of the Hay River Film Club said a number of films will be shown at NWT Centennial Library.

“They’re films that have been made in the North by Northern people,” she said. “It’s going to be a variety of things.”

One of the highlighted films will be All the Time in the World, an 87-minute documentary by Suzanne Cocker. The 2014 film follows a family as they seek to lead a simpler life in the Yukon wilderness.

WAMP will be taking films to five communities between March 3 to 20.

There have already been screenings in Norman Wells (March 3) and Inuvik (March 5), and some of the films will also be shown in Fort Smith (March 11) and Fort Simpson (March 19 and 20).

The films were originally screened at the ninth annual Yellowknife International Film Festival in September of last year.

“This is the third year of the Yellowknife International Film Festival Road Tour,” said Janna Graham, the road tour co-ordinator with WAMP.

Graham said all films being toured are circumpolar films, the majority produced in the NWT or Yukon.

“Part of WAMP’s mandate is to encourage the appreciation of Northern-made films and topics, so if we can get them out beyond Yellowknife, that’s great,” she said of the road tour. “And if we can engage communities and inspire discussion about really important topical issues that are in some of these films, that’s great. But part of the mandate is also to encourage film production, to encourage films to be made here in the North.”

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment has helped fund the road tour by licensing the films and bringing them into the communities.

The GNWT is proud to provide support to WAMP’s efforts to build interest around film in the NWT,” stated Premier Bob McLeod, who is also the minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, in a news release. “We are grateful for their talent and drive as ambassadors for the NWT film industry. The film industry has been identified as a growth sector by the GNWT. As part of the ongoing film strategy, the GNWT will continue to strengthen partnerships between industry and government to build awareness of the industry in the NWT. Events like this are an example of the good things that come of a strong relationship.”

–Paul Bickford