Three proposals received for rec centre renovations

NNSL file photo Town council received three proposals on renovating the Don Stewart Recreation Centre.

NNSL file photo
Town council received three proposals on renovating the Don Stewart Recreation Centre.

Three proposals have been received by the Town of Hay River on renovating the Don Stewart Recreation Centre.

The town had issued a request for proposals on March 23 with an original closing date of April 27. That was later extended to May 6.

The three proposals were to be examined by a committee – consisting of about six people – in all-day sessions on May 16 and 17.

Speaking late last week, Mayor Brad Mapes said it was expected that the committee would make a recommendation to council at an in-camera session on the evening of May 17.

“They may make a decision that night or it might take a few days to hash out,” he said. “I would say within the week we would have an idea of what we’re doing with the arena.”

The May 17 meeting would have taken place after The Hub’s deadline for its May 18 edition.

“I’m pretty confident that a decision will come out of that meeting,” said Mapes. “It might need to be reviewed a few days but it’s going to come out.”

The review committee is made up of a couple of community residents, representatives of the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, and representatives of engineering companies.

Mapes said he was surprised there were only three proposals received by the town, explaining he thought there might be more interest considering the shape of the economy.

“Three is better than one,” he said. “I think it’s good you’re going to get maybe three different views of what happens.”

At a discussion of the town’s 10-year capital budget in March, most councillors agreed that the target cost of the renovations should be $19.2 million, a significant decrease from the previous estimate of $24.5 million.

Mapes was asked if it is still possible to complete the renovations before the South Slave Arctic Winter Games to be co-hosted by Hay River and Fort Smith in 2018.

“I think that it’s going to be a challenge,” he said. “But I think we need to figure out a plan that makes it happen.”

–Paul Bickford