Bowling extravaganza for Canada 150

Paul Bickford/NNSL photo
Tracy Cross Gauthier, the manager of Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes, came up with the idea of a bowling event to celebrate Canada’s 150 years as a country.

A unique way to celebrate Canada 150 will take place in Hay River on June 17.

That will be by bowling at Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes.

“We’re just celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday,” said Tracy Cross Gauthier, the manager of Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes. “So we want to organize a bowling extravaganza to bowl 150 games. We’re hoping to get 150 people to bowl one game.”

The 150 games for 150 years was Cross Gauthier’s idea.

“We just wanted to do something to celebrate,” she said. “We want it to be an alcohol-free, family fun event and we really wanted to incorporate the 150.”

Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes has set aside noon to 5 p.m. on June 17 for the event.

Gross Gauthier said the lanes will host 30 people each hour.

“Up to 5 o’clock and that will give us 150 people,” she said.

People will have to sign up for which hour they’d like to bowl.

Even if some people don’t show up to bowl on June 17, Cross Gauthier said 150 games will be bowled either way, because other people have said they’d be willing to bowl two or more games.

Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes began accepting names as of June 2.

“From 5 to 7 p.m. we’re going to have a big Canada birthday cake,” Cross Gauthier added. “We’re going to have it all decorated up. We’re going to give away lots of prizes.”

Plus, keeping with the 150 theme, there will be a prize based on that score.

“If your score is exactly 150, we’re going to put your name in for a draw and we’re going to give away $150 cash,” said Cross Gauthier.

The cost to participate will be $1.50, which Cross Gauthier describes as a nominal fee well below the normal prices, plus the cost for shoe rentals will be waived during the event.

“We’re trying to keep everything within the theme of 150,” she said.

Cross Gauthier noted she is looking forward to the bowling celebration.

“It’s going to be cosmic,” she said. “The music is going to be going. The lights are going to be going. It’s going to be a really fun atmosphere.”

June 17 was chosen as the date for the event because Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes will be closed on Canada Day, July 1.