Triathlon and half-marathon attract impressive numbers

Paul Bickford/NNSL photo
Niada Readman completes the swimming section of a sprint triathlon for her team.

Last September, the Great Hay River Triathlon attracted 39 participants, which was a surprisingly large number for an event that has been held most years since 2008.

And, it now seems that impressive turnout was not an aberration because a Great Hay River Triathlon and Half-Marathon on June 24 also attracted very solid numbers.

There were a total of 34 participants – 26 in triathlon and eight in the half-marathon.

The decision to hold such an event in June – the first one ever in Hay River at this time of year – was influenced by the success of the Great Hay River Triathlon in September.

Ashley Coombs, the aquatics supervisor with the Town of Hay River and the main organizer of the weekend event, said she was “absolutely” pleased by the turnout.

The participation numbers from the fall held into the spring event, she noted. “It was proof that people enjoy these. They want to get out to them.”

There were even three competitors who travelled from Yellowknife.

The June 24 event included a sprint marathon, consisting of 0.75 kilometres swimming (30 lengths of the pool), 20 kilometres biking and five kilometres running.

There was also what’s called a ‘try-tri’, which is a race with half the distances of a sprint triathlon. It was the first time a try-tri has been held in Hay River.

And there was Hay River’s first half-marathon, which is a distance of 21 kilometres.

There were six teams for the sprint triathlon and two teams for the try-tri, and eight individuals completed the sprint marathon by themselves.

The first-place sprint triathlon team consisted of Jordan Froese, Jason Froese and Joel Demarcke.

And the top individual competitor in the sprint triathlon was Matthew Durand of Yellowknife.

The top try-tri team was made up of Hailey Urilyon, Brenda Hall and Olivia Sperry

Natasha Pettipas was the top finisher in the half-marathon.