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French school still in limbo

Despite a Supreme Court of Canada ruling last week dealing with part of the Commission Scolaire Francophone’s demands from the GNWT for French-language schools, Ecole Boreale is still limbo. “This decision is huge for all minority-language schools,” said Boreale principal Stephane Millette. “But in our specific situation, I don’t think it will have a major […]

Track on track

Hay River is bracing for some of the biggest track and field events in its 25-year history, first and foremost by going back to basics. “The very first year they had track 25 years ago, they have the opening ceremonies outside and this year, we will too,” said organizer Jill Taylor. “Things are going to […]

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New approach to old methods

Teachers have always played a role in raising children and educators at Diamond Jenness Secondary School are taking steps to better quantify the results. “For a curriculum grade to be valid, we can’t be mucking it up with behaviour factors,” said principal Heather Pedjase at a community education planning session last week. “This has always […]

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Art show with a twist

The Hay River Artisans’ Society’s first anonymous art show was by all accounts a success last week. “It’s all about exposing local artists and giving them a venue to showcase their art,” said Angela Farsnworth, vice-president of the society. “It’s an opportunity for some of the ones who are more shy to come out and […]

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Health super board questioned

A committee of the legislative assembly convened in Hay River last week talking about amendments to the health system in the NWT that would see all regions in the territory come under one health authority — a so-called super board. Most attendees at the meeting Tuesday night were employees of the Hay River Health and […]

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Reserve marks Victims Awareness Week

  While there are a variety of services for people experiencing violence in Hay River and on the Reserve, not everyone knows they exist. That’s why groups came together last week to mark Victims’ Awareness Week, with presentations on victims’ services meant to help individuals and families. “There are services out there, you don’t have […]

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Road Runners start their season

On a chilly morning last weekend, the Hay River Road Runners Club — or a subset of them — met at Aurora College for their second run of the season. “I would still be in bed if there was no running club,” said Sherry Ringuette. “My husband and I run together, but when it’s cold, […]

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Diversion option for domestic violence comes to Hay River

Starting this week, there is a new option for low-risk domestic violence offenders in Hay River that will see them in treatment instead of in the typical criminal justice system. “Talk about having it in Hay River probably started when we started talking about it for Yellowknife,” said Chief Judge for the Territorial Court of […]

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Farm training set for growth

Proponents for the Northern Farm Training Institute now have the land, the money and the buildings under construction to start their first season with a proper campus, and now they have turned to the community in search of greater participation. “We have ideas, of course, but we thought it would be fun to ask you […]

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Ringing in spring with gardens galore

Today is Earth Day, but many Hay Riverites have already found ways to connect with the planet. For Rosie Wallington, there is nothing so addictive or exciting as watching something grow. “I started out small, just one tray of seeds, and one morning I woke up and some of them had sprouted, and I was […]

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