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Union rejects town’s offer

Despite some temporary movement on the town’s side last week municipal workers are headed for their fourth week of strike action. “It’s so excellent, the mayor made an assumption that we are divided,” said Jack Bourassa, regional executive vice-president for the Public Service Alliance of Canada last Thursday. “From everything, I’ve seen here, that’s not […]

New scheme proposed to pay for dump

Town council has before it a new proposal that would see the funding model for the landfill changed, with residents charged not through taxes but through a separate bill. “We’re looking at implementing a new structure,” Mayor Andrew Cassidy explained. “The proposal is to make it more of a utility and not a town service, […]

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Town and territory butt heads

Despite a fair amount of hammering questions, few answers were available at last week’s constituency meeting hosted by Hay River MLAs Jane Groenewegen and Robert Bouchard. “We know when you know,” Groenewegen told about 25 people who turned out for the discussion including most of town council. “We sit on these committees, but the level […]

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New library bylaw under review

Pat Wray, chairperson of the library ccommittee and long-time supporter of the institution, would like to see a proposed new bylaw governing the municipality’s relationship with the library be passed sooner rather than later. “To this point, we’ve had no official authority,” she told The Hub last week. “This bylaw will give that to us. […]

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Council passes frugal budget

Hay River’s town council voted to hold tight to its purse strings for another year as it passed the municipality’s operating and maintenance budget for 2014 on Dec. 23. However, the details of the most salient fiscal change have yet to be hammered out. Opposed only by Coun. Brad Mapes, the budget includes a two-per-cent […]

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Council’s funding decision on trails sparks opposition

  Some Hay River residents took to social media to air their concerns last week over a decision by town council on Aug. 26 to not allocate an extra $107,000 for walking trail improvements. “The money they have agreed to spend will probably all get eaten up by two connections between trails,” said walking trail […]

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Municipality looking at alternate forms of fuel

  The Town of Hay River is looking into expanding its energy efficiency. According to Mayor Andrew Cassidy, the town is currently doing its own independent energy audits and taking measures to use more efficient energy. But recently, town council learned they could potentially do a whole lot more. Louis Azzolini, the executive director of […]

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Are there ATV regulations in Hay River’s future?

After listening to Hay River’s bylaw officer give his presentation on the proposed ATV bylaw last Tuesday evening, many in the room were asking the question “do we really need this?” Dave Ryan stood before a full gallery in the council chambers last week to give a short presentation on what he believes to be […]

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Thank you, not goodbye: Hay River pioneer passes away at 92

Members of the Hay River community filled the Assumption Roman Catholic Church last Wednesday to celebrate the life of a man who helped make Hay River the community it is today. From being a prominent political figure to keeping an eye on the river during the yearly break-up, Wilson Roderick McBryan was an integral member […]

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Hay River Visitor’s Guide not Town’s to sell

Mayor and Council, Town of Hay River, February 28, 2011: An Open letter to Hay River Town Hall from The Hub publisher, Chris Brodeur:

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